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The wedding of Arnold Seto and Lily Wang was attended by many MIT Alumni including Elmer Lee `96, Andrew Kao `96, Kevin `96 and Tanya Lin `96, Jill Tan`96, Jimmy Shih `96, Yulan Liao `96, Andrew Chen `96, Yong Joo `95, Ann Chen `95, Josephine Harada `95, Steve Lin `95, Warren Sze `95, Hovig Chitilian `95, Audrey Fan `97, Richard Chang `97, Alexandre Lee `97, Joshua Feldman `97, Alex Wu `94, Janis Eisenberg `98, Genevieve Lada `98, David Kelman `98, Frank Johnston `00, and Stanley Hu `00, Joyance Meechai '00, Thomas Lee (PhD MIT TPP), Ray Chan (PhD, MIT HST) and his wife Jean Johnson '94.

The wedding of Carrie Muh and David Goldman on May 29, 2005. Christine Ho `96, Rama Chiruvolu Rekhi '95, Fred Kayne '60, Monica Tadros `96, Leon Borstein '61, Carrie Muh `96, Robert Muh '59, Kristen Fortino `96, Kristine McCaffrey `96, JC Chu '95, and Peter Lenn '58. Photo credit to Lauri Levenfeld More photos at

Jennifer Han Graeber's baby shower weekend (Feb 2004) with Natalie Burger `96, Carol Lee `96, Yoon Han Tung `96, and Sophia Han '03.

Picture of Jennifer (Han) Graeber's wedding with 3 MIT alumi/ae bridesmaids Natalie Burger, Carol Lee, and Sophia Han. June 2003

Picture of Paolo Narvaez's Cape Cod wedding (Spring 2004) with 4 MIT alumni: Paolo Narvaez, Natalie Burger, Craig Barrack, Jennifer (Han) Graeber

Jennifer Graeber (previously Han), class of 96 had a baby boy. Zachary Han Graeber was born on April 6th, 2004. He was 7 lbs 10oz and 20 inches long. Mom is putting her MIT degree to good use by ... staying at home with baby for the year!

Photo from the wedding of Ophira Segal (Course 14, class of '96) to Joram Cukierman

Guests included:
Front: Dan Fossner '96, Mark Urmacher '94, Michel Cukierman PhD `73, Ophira (Segal) Cukierman '96, Brit Gould '95, Scott Spencer '96

Middle: Becky (Wagenberg) Esquenazi '96, Sarah Dash '99, Andy Begel '96). Matt Levin '95, Debbie (Carlton) Sanders '99

Back: Jeffrey Stern '96, Barry Kostiner '93, Ulf Ekernas '99, Igor Gonta '95, Jonathan Oleinick '94, Joseph Adler '96, Doug Schreiber '95, Jeff Reback '94, Geoff Sanders '99

Publicity Photo for Julia Ogrydziak's (`96)
upcoming Jan. 31 show, Dark Blue Sky Dream.
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Julia Ogrydziak 2002

Engagement Photo for Christine Spencer `96 and Fred Guin.

Rajiv Manglani `96 ( and Miriam Menasha (Brandeis `98) were married on March 17, 2002. Both are currently unemployed and living in Brookline, Massachusetts. Rajiv is looking for a technology consulting position at a design firm and his wife is looking to help build online learning web sites.
Several MIT folks attended. Standing, from left: Henning Colsman-Freyberger `96, Erik Balsley `96, Raquel Lieberman `98, Amy Schwartz `97, Deb Houben (MIT MPC 2001-present), Rajiv Manglani `96, Miriam (Menasha) Manglani (Brandeis `98), Candace (Nycz) Wallender, Austin Wallender (MIT CECI 1993-1995). Bottom row: Grace Wung (UMass `98), Rachael Max (Brandeis `98). Not pictured: Allen Pollack `96, David Friedman `96, Malka (Jamie Rackmill) Friedman `99.
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Class of 1996 President, Stephanie Sparvero, in Paris.    

Taalib al'Salaam `96 his fiance, Jemma Owens

Brandon Larocque `96 and Chris Force `95
at a party in Central Square on New Year's Eve 2001    

Class Water Balloon Toss at the 5 year reunion.
The class of 1996 came close to winning, but the class of 1991 walked away with the victory.

Alice Wang and Christine Spencer
A couple of your class officers on Amherst Alley, the weekend of the 5 year reunion